Camarillo homes for sale

Camarillo homes for sale

About the Community of Camarillo

Camarillo is very popular city in California, U.S.A. Camarillo is a huge city and its population is 65,201. Camarillo’s primary thoroughfare is the Ventura Freeway U.S 101 Route. Camarillo is situated inside Ventura County, California. Camarillo has very interesting history. The city was named after Adolfo and Juan Camarillo. Just like many other cities in Ventura County, Camarillo has also been resistant to new development. Agricultural land exists in the northern and southern sides of Camarillo. The city is filled with scenic views, prestige homes, luxury condos, restaurants, boutiques, agriculture land and peaceful atmosphere. Santa Susana Mountains are located in the north, Conejo Valley in the east and Santa Monica Mountains in the south of Camarillo. Camarillo homes for sale are a big attraction for buyers.

Real estate market conditions aren’t great for doing business in Camarillo. However, buyers that wish to buy a home and live can go ahead for sure. Real estate value has not appreciated a great deal in the previous years because the city has been resistant to new developments. People are buying luxury homes in Camarillo for the residential purpose. On other hand, people are also selling luxury homes to do business but the profits aren’t great. By 2010, there were 25,702 houses in Camarillo. 70% houses were owner occupied whereas 30% houses were rented.

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